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About Us

Eileen Auld began her yoga practice at the tender age of 14 after a horrific hockey accident. She used yoga then and still does to work with and through whatever life throws at her. Practising yoga is her life and sharing it in the form of Living It Yoga is a dream come true.

Eileen's extensive knowledge as well as her practical experience enables her to share her enthusiasm for wellness and delights in living full out. She is a well qualified yoga tutor who until retirement practised as a chartered physiotherapist. This background and focus on the Living It Yoga way gives her insight into her students' needs.

Eileen Auld

Recent years have taken Eileen all over the world, however her love of Italy and her passion for yoga as a way of life has resulted in facilitating the combination of Yoga and Tuscany:

"Living It Yoga is the culmination of a dream of mine to share the joy that yoga can bring into our lives as well as the usual “advertised” peace and improved health levels. Not sure that there is a lot of joy abounding however so learning to tap into our own joy is what Living It Yoga is all about.

"You can learn about it here in Scotland on a day’s introductory experience, or a weekend’s more expansive coverage or a week’s immersion in Italy. The Italian connection is an ongoing one and running a spring and autumn week every year in our very own home in Italy would be the ideal. As yet we don’t have the home but we are using some amazing Italian venues until we find that home of our own."