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Yoga Days

The LIYoga Classes

Our popular Yoga Classes evolved into workshops which are held regularly at 1 Buchanan Street, Largs. A typical series covers topics such as the following:

  • From Breath/Pranayama to Sense Withdrawal/Pratyhara
  • From Pratyahara to Meditation
  • From Meditation to Kundalini

Start time 10.30am.... arrival from 10 am onwards. Phone 01475 675533 for further details. Updated details will appear here when schdules are confirmed.

Yoga Days

Held in a variety of locations around Scotland, our Yoga Days combine the practical application of asana with an exploration of the philosophy and includes relaxation and meditation sessions and uses the whole day to take us into an experience of "wholeness".

A day such as this, is like a little oasis of calm that can be enjoyed regularly - where you can feel revived and rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. The whole world!